Jane says she is feeling drained at her work place.  She asks, “Is it in the highest for me to stay in this job or will something else open up for me soon? What kind of work or environment would be best for me?”

Of course, she is feeling drained, as she should not be there.  Of course it is an effort to force herself to be present in an environment that is no longer right for her.  It does not give and take, back and forth, yin and yang and yet you deny them all. That is the energy flow in each place you be and if it does not recharge you.  If it does not fill you up, it is important to be aware of this and move forward.  As to what?  Oh my dear, there are so many things you could do.  But you always think it has to have certain expectations, or acceptance by the world.  But it doesn’t.  It only has to be right by your standards.  That is why I am not going to give you any one thing because you need to take time to see who you are, to see what fills you and makes you happy.  This little one must learn that it is not what looks good but what feels good.  This is where she must seek now.