Imageace writes, “I am very empathic and pick up not only emotions but physical pain as well, so I really prefer to be alone most of the time. Over the last few years I have been feeling so frustrated or detached from most people, I get so tired of their seemingly unwarranted anger and lack of common sense and courtesy to others, people and animals. I find it hard to want to be around people, I do feel much better now that I don’t have a lot of contact with people and I prefer animals for their honesty and wisdom. Is this just a phase or learning process?  Will I ever feel comfortable around people again?

I feel like I should be helping them in some way, but I feel so much better when I am not around them.  Am I destined to be a hermit? I honestly don’t feel like I have anything in common with most people anymore. My poor husband is such a social person, and I would much rather be alone than around people! I hope that you can help me understand this more!”

Dear one, no one in the physical world is meant to be a hermit.  You have embraced being present with many beings around you.  Now you find the harshness of their tongue with their vision of their world so foreign to yours that you judge yourself as being different.  In truth, dearest one, you are on a path and they are on theirs.  These all can coexist and teach one another many things.  See yourself as a teacher, not one who recoils, but one who is willing to set forth to be amongst, to be still enough to hear what they speak and to mirror it for them.  Repeat their words back to them and become the teacher you have always known you are.  Many of the great teachers who enter into your physical world have times where they feel they must be alone to be sure of who they be.  But then, as you very well know, you love beings even though you speak these words now or you would not have come to teach them.

Be patient.  The love that you are is still and wondrous.  You will help many and embrace that wonderful being you have chosen as a mate.  Help him to help you by listening to him.  Let him teach you the avenue that you can help many through.