KF writes:

Hello, what if anything can you tell me about D.E. – Past life? Present promise? It’s quite clear there something there with past and present. I’m very curious, and would be grateful for any advice on the matter or information. Thank you for all your help.

The guide’s answer:

Of course, the past life knowing is part of why there is this unspoken pull, and not understanding how and where it all fits, for it does not seem to work in this path.   It does not necessarily mean the knowing of this one in this path.  It may not feel comfortable to speak openly of this, but it is truth.  Does it mean it will move forward?  Not necessarily, dearest one, for one of these two is very fearful.

You are a being of calm beauty, openness, of love.  Know that it shall be there for you, dearest.  Do not be confused by this.  It may not be with this one.  There are others. You have actually chosen quite a few to come to be with in a very interesting way, blessed one.  You will touch all corners of your physical world. Your way of communion with them will be of the modern age. Trust that it is there for you to use.