Maurice would like to know why he has never felt or heard his spirit guides.  He asks, “Have they left me?  My life has been very hard all those years and maybe that’s why! thanks.”

No, dear soul, you have not been left.  In fact, you are very amazing and you have done beautifully and your choices have been right.  And the growth has been amazing.  Dearest one, I hope you realize that life is not necessarily easy just because you feel you know your beings that surround you.  Life (or your time dwelling in the physical body in the physical domain) is a learning time and you must admit that you have learned a great deal.  You are very wise.  You needn’t be sad about it for you have grown and you are richer and more radiant now than you have ever been.  There are many old sayings about times like this, when beings in the physical world feel abandoned, and in reality they have never been more assisted and helped. It is true when you do your work, it must be your work.  You are not alone my child and you have never have been.  Perhaps if you sit in quiet solitiude and thank yourself for the growth you have received and done, through your choosing, you will hear them.  You will hear them rejoice for the love you have found for yourself.

First published on the “old blog” February 25, 2010