Feeling a pull to other places in the world

Heather asks whether it is time for her to move from Victoria.  She says, “For several years, I have been feeling a calling back to Scotland, and more recently a sense that I should look towards Nova Scotia as an alternative to consider in Canada. I feel a strong emotional connection to the land when I go back to Scotland. I’m having trouble reconciling my heart and my head. Can you offer some guidance on where is best for me to be? Thank you for your love and guidance.”

This being is a mystical magical one–a true romantic, a tender heart.  She will be called to places of old because she has walked there many times.  She will have memories of the colours and the smells and feelings, mostly under bare feet.  The music will touch her heart and lift her soul far beyond others.  Tell her to travel to these places, to reunite with these feelings and sensations.  To not totally make her mind up as to where she wants to be–for she is also very comfortable in a very modern, forward-thinking place.  And many of these places are not so for her any more.  She is a very old soul and can travel and be in the past and the present and the future.  Blessed one, follow that.  Follow it but do not stay in those places yet.  There is much you have to do and you need to have many beings around you.  It is not time for you to go to the mountain top and cut yourself off from others.

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  1. Tyler May 21, 2010 at 5:30 am - Reply

    Previous message from a guide – I have a clearer understanding now as far as trusting in my own wisdom and accepting as well as engaging more into the physical realm,but I’d like clarifcation on skipping from physial dimensions,it still doesn`t make sense.

  2. john schlapbach May 30, 2010 at 8:31 pm - Reply

    My name is John. I have been working in the healing arts for many years. I feel I am at a crossroad in my life. I would like to get more clear on my life purpose and direction. Am I to continue along my present path and studies or is it time for me to take that next step and move in a different direction? I often think about being an inspirational speaker and the idea of writing a book to inspire others to live more fulfilling lives keeps coming up.I have a growing business in the wellness sector and I love to learn about the spirit-mind- body connections. Some how I feel I am meant to serve a greater purpose. JS

  3. Sally June 10, 2010 at 7:06 am - Reply

    I am curious about this process. I notice that many folks questions are answered quickly and others may not be addressed at all. How does this process of getting guidance from the guides work?
    thanks S
    posting anonymously

  4. Joanna June 10, 2010 at 8:36 am - Reply

    Hi Sally,
    In answer to your question, we get together with Jane a few times a month to present the questions from this blog to the guides. Then the answers have to be transcribed for posting. You’ve probably noticed that one answer is posted each day. Because we bring the questions forward in groups, it can happen at times that a question asked later may be responded to before another one. We do try to get guides’ responses posted here as quickly as possible, usually within two or three weeks. Occasionally a question has been overlooked but we try to ensure that doesn’t happen. If you have asked a question here more than a month ago and haven’t seen the answer posted, you might send us a note or repost it. I hope this helps you understand the process.

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