Heather asks whether it is time for her to move from Victoria.  She says, “For several years, I have been feeling a calling back to Scotland, and more recently a sense that I should look towards Nova Scotia as an alternative to consider in Canada. I feel a strong emotional connection to the land when I go back to Scotland. I’m having trouble reconciling my heart and my head. Can you offer some guidance on where is best for me to be? Thank you for your love and guidance.”

This being is a mystical magical one–a true romantic, a tender heart.  She will be called to places of old because she has walked there many times.  She will have memories of the colours and the smells and feelings, mostly under bare feet.  The music will touch her heart and lift her soul far beyond others.  Tell her to travel to these places, to reunite with these feelings and sensations.  To not totally make her mind up as to where she wants to be–for she is also very comfortable in a very modern, forward-thinking place.  And many of these places are not so for her any more.  She is a very old soul and can travel and be in the past and the present and the future.  Blessed one, follow that.  Follow it but do not stay in those places yet.  There is much you have to do and you need to have many beings around you.  It is not time for you to go to the mountain top and cut yourself off from others.