Helen says she feels a deep connection to someone she first met about 12 years ago.  She says, “We are like ships passing at night and see each other by chance a couple of times each year.  He is very much on my mind and I believe we could be true friends but things have never got off the ground.  I think about him a lot but realise feelings are only on my part.  Do we have a past life connection and if so were we in a relationship and did we have a child?  There have been times when it has felt like he has seen me more clearly than those closer to me.  Do we have unfinished business in this life? And does he recognise the connection or is it all in my mind?  I find it very hard to accept I may never be close to him, and I know we are not meant to be together romantically.  It however feels a huge waste of what I think could be a deep friendship. Thank you for listening.”

Dearest one, you have a very bright light.  I thought I would convey this to you.  Your energy is very brilliant and often this does frighten others.  In truth, there is a certain part of you that he is afraid of, so be aware of this.   It is not something you are doing or chose to do.   It isn’t the truth but it is how he conveys it at this time.  Be joyful, be light, be friendly and perhaps in time he will feel more at ease.  But understand that he is afraid of you right now.  There is a past life connection, but it is not time to know what it is.  Carry on being brilliant.