Feel the blessing of you, the opportunity to grow, to be, to love

Tyler writes:

I feel so lost like I’m having a spiritual crisis. I’ve come to the understanding that me and god are not separate but I feel the need to find a teacher or certain devotional way of life. I sought out religion and though there are truths in each one there isn’t one I could personally subscribe too. What I do know is underneath this search is a need for love and purpose. I also feel I need guidance that I may find in a deity or teacher. Can you give me some clarity as to what I should do in this situation? Thank you spirit.


The guide’s response:

You are not lost, my blessed one.  You are lonely.  It is often found that when one enters into the physical world and is separated from the greatness of the love that you feel alone.   And seeking that union again through many different forms is not an unusual state to be in.  You have done a great deal of growth.  You have allowed yourself to feel one, one with your world—to feel all of its pain and all of its joy.

It would be wonderful to find someone to walk it with, and that will happen in time.  You seek to find that familiarity, that truth—but it is within you, blessed one.  For when you see the beauty, when you hear the words (whether it be in a song or just words) you know your truth now.  Seek that wonderful teacher but know that it lies within.  Wise one, you will help to teach others.

What to do in this situation?  To be.  It might sound like a simple task, but that is the actual process that you are in—the seeking of being, the seeking of Tyler.  And in that process you will meet many.  They will all be seeking who they be.  But often you will exchange ideas, as in religions, and a certain amount of truth; it opens a door or closes a door.  But you take it along in your process.

You see, my blessed one, you have come to the time of understanding that the truth changes and grows, and opens and moves, that it is a growing and flexible thing, It is not a hard and fast ritual that you follow, not a religion written down in a book that does not allow change and growth—but a movement.  A spanning of time, it moves and changes and then at the end of it, transforms into a new movement and change.  And all be the truth—for that that you be, where you are on your path.

What to do?  Write down your truth.  Let it be your book of being.  And see how yesterday no longer fits today.  Watch your own evolution but be willing to see it in its whole truth—your times of avoiding your truth, your times of being angry at it, your times of bubbling over with sheer joy of being.  Write down the exchange with a being that you didn’t know, face to face, eye to eye, whether they touched your soul or you touched theirs.  Write down the magic that you see, that others may never see, but if they perhaps could some time be shown by you, it might open the door for them.  Write down the fact that you want to find a teacher who will tell you how to be, but that you know you will instantly doubt it—for you know how to be you.  You may be confused right now; you may be clouded with the attitudes and understandings of those you’ve been seeking.  But truly you want to know how to be you.

I will say to you:  you are perfect.  You are beauty in the most beautiful state, growing, loving, seeking to find a love, to reproduce that love.  This may find form in so many ways.  You have the capacity to be a great teacher, a writer, a healer, a leader.  You will find that those beings often had a road with so many hurdles on it, because they needed to refresh their being, to remember that pain in order to reach into those filled with pain and give them a hand out.

Blessed one, you are not lost.  Dear Tyler, there are times when you’ll feel like a warrior but put down your armour for now.  And just feel the blessing of you, your opportunity to grow, to be, to love.  You will find that love.  You will find your teacher in someone you would never expect.  It will happen in a moment.  Don’t plague yourself with time expected.  Don’t burden yourself with others’ expectations.  Be, blessed one.  Like the flora and fauna of your beautiful earth.  You know they never took a class in how to build a honeycomb, but they affect the world.

Bless you, my child, you do very well.

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