Fear of getting lost in pain


Anonymous says she is struggling with letting go of a man she has loved. She says, He has moved on and I am letting go as fast as I can but the pain persists daily. Please help me to feel less alone by sharing a little of who you are and what you would like me to focus on. I hear your wisdom between my dreams. What if I am not strong enough and get lost? Thank you.

Dear one, it is impossible for you to get lost, unless you choose to. And in that time, you would find just a little bit of peace. Dear, dear heart you are very wise. You knew that that situation would not help you grow or be stronger. It weighted upon you. You have stars at your fingertips. In many ways, you are the creator, the healer. You look to others to find happiness, thinking that it must be in the form of another being. Would you please take time to direct your understanding to you. For I know you are very beautiful and very wise. And in the stillness of your being you see and hear and understand all, but when you come to communicate it you feel it must be guided, or limited in its form to be something all others can understand. Write my child. Write the magic of your universe. You are strong. Unleash the power of you that you are so exhausted with holding so tight. Do not be anonymous for you are loved.

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