Fear of being alone; trusting in yourself

Nancy asks for a sign from her guides that her life will be better.  She says, “I feel so sad and disappointed with people and with myself. I get sad when I think about the loss of my marriage and the loss of being a mother. I had big dreams for my marriage and now I am alone.  I fear being alone for the rest of my life.  And I am sad to think I’ll never have a child.  In the past you have told me that there were children who wanted to be with me and a new partner I could choose to be with. It is so hard for me to believe in this because I am to old to have children now.  I would like to know if this special person his still there for me and how would I know he is the one for me?  I want to grow old and be happy with that person. Is it possible?

Dearest one, you want a written contract from somebody proving that it would be safe to take a step outside of your prison. Dearest, there is no proof.  Progress lies in your willingness to trust in your own self.  It is true, you have put all of your trust in other beings that have held you limited.  There is so much knowing  within your mind and in your head, you are afraid of your own choices.  You are afraid of your own free will.  You do not know where to turn, or how to be.

So, how to begin doing this?  It is best for you to begin by trusting in yourself.  Practice each day of speaking to yourself about your own strength, your own ability to make choices for you, of having no effect on others, but yourself.  Oh my dear one, you have fought against the wind and yet the wind knows not of you.  Start at the beginning of who you are.  From the very beginning of this life you have struggled to take on your own power.  You have seen yourself through the eyes of others and tried to fulfill this. Allowing your desired to be held in the in the hands of others.  Begin by taking back your power, Nancy.  Step out. Do something for you each day, for your choice, for the good of you, for the healing of you.  It is always been at your choosing.  Nothing is lost if you are leaning.  Learn about you.  Learn about your fear to stand alone.  And allow your world to open to you.

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