SW writes: 

I feel like there are layers of fear or something under the surface at work that I am not trusting there.  I would like to ask about the energy of the office and my fear there.  Is it meant for me to move on now?

The guide’s response:

It is truth there are many layers of fear.  Each one of them fears for their own being and you being as perceptive and open, feel all of it.  And I am not surprised your conscious mind is confused by it.  You see they speak one thing, but follow not their truth.  It is as if they are play acting and truly are not being truthful to that that they claim. This is what confuses you: your wanting them to be truthful and their need to seek and find truth. They feel the need to find judgement.  They need to find those less than, to make them feel better than.

I am not alone in trying to help you with this.   You will find the doors will open and release you from this.  I will tell you there is someone who is examining it in the physical world that they fear greater than you.  If this being should come to you and speak to you, you must do as you always do.  Speak your truth.  Stay in your place of truth, blessed one.  Bless you my child.