Expressing your spirit’s voice through art

Michael has a question about his art. He says he’s taken up jazz guitar and now wonders if he is using this as a way to avoid committing to painting. He finds them both satisfying but a lot of work. He feels it’s important to have a consistent art practice but wonders if he should be focusing only on one art practice.

This being is a healer, a helping heart; one who is there to help other beings. And finding an art form, a release for him, is very important. It is absolutely the most important thing ever. It matters not what form. It could simply be blowing bubbles, if that is what the moment led him to. He must always have one, but he should not be so confining in it or so expecting of himself. Let him just flow in joy and the wonder of his own beautiful talent. For his spirit speaks to him through his music and his art. And he loves to hear the voice of his spirit.

A very intuitive being, he knows when someone needs help. He knows in himself what he needs. He has deep ability to love, but fears burdening any other beings. But burdens himself so much with many things, wanting to do everything so right. Tell my blessed one there is no right or wrong to his creative ability, that he would never do anything wrong. Tell him to express the joy in his spirit—and the pain and the warmth and the need— is of the utmost importance. He should help his spirit find its voice through whatever means, and not be concerned over how much or how many.

OK, thank you.

Tell him to thank himself for finding it.

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