R – Do you have any pointers that may assist in my relationship?  It is feeling like a lot of work as of late.  With thanks!

It is going great at the beginning because that is called the honeymoon time, the excitement of the new love, the growth, the experience,  each giving the other only the best side and believing there is some side they must keep quiet.

In truth, dearest one, you need to let your romantic side just be free.  Don’t constantly think that you must have to do some act.  Romance isn’t about just certain nights, or moments, or times.  Romance is being able to touch a person’s arm, look into their eyes, not fill it with words and things. Stillness is quite beautiful when both beings are in the same vibrational state of energy.  Love is recognizing it in another being, but you must recognize it in yourself first.

You’ve been doing back flips to please, trying on all sorts of different modalities to ensure that this one won’t see the real you.  But the real you is quite wonderful my dear; highly intelligent, motivated by the most amazing things, your ability to change direction and try something new is quite good with you.  Oh yes, you have a few things you know you need to change on your path and you must do so eventually, but you don’t need to reinvent yourself.  You have an amazing mind but put it to rest and be just sweet and simple.   Don’t try to be so complex.

Yes, you’ve developed a great façade which is truly interesting and attracts many.  The greatest part of you is that beautiful heart within.

So, pointers:

Speak from your heart, not from your head.

Don’t be afraid to say how you are feeling

Don’t be afraid to ask about feelings

And also, when you arise in the day think about how you can make the other one happy.  Sometimes just being happy is a romantic thing in your world.  It does not mean elaborate dinners.  It means a thought, a phrase, something simple and sweet.

It is true your companion is also thinking and having questions.  Both of you have had pasts and other beings in your lives.  Both of you are judging and comparing.   But try, just to be the two of you; beautiful, sweet and wonderful.  Beings can be extremely complex and yet share the same path together.

If you share an energy of beautiful, sweet love you can disagree on many things and have completely different desires but long amazing relationships, each sparking the other to be the best they can be.

Thank you for asking blessed one. Thank you for giving yourself the freedom to be.