Andrea has asked a question about emotional eating. She says, “I have been struggling with compulsive overeating for about the past 10 years, but much more severely in the past 5 years. When I am in a place where I am overeating, it is like it consumes my whole life and my whole being, and I am not mentally strong enough to come out of it on my own. When I am not in a time of overeating, I then wonder how I ever let it consume my life. It is very hard, because it can come and go so easily. I know that it is linked with emotions and mental state, but that knowledge doesn’t seem to be enough to keep me from sabotaging my own happiness. I am so ready to move forward and away from this, it just seems so impossible to overcome. Any kind of insight would be so greatly appreciated.”

This blessed being is so, so loving, so gentle; never wanting to disturb, or harm, or cause any chaos for anyone. But for her own being internally there is a great amount of chaos. Eating, an imbalance of the eating process must be seen in its wholeness as a need to be nourished. It is instinctive when a young child to be nourished when communicating pain, or discomfort. So it is not unusual that the part of the very primitive brain of this one when very uncomfortable wants to be nourished. And in truth, she must nourish her body with good amounts of food that are not out of balance. But sometimes when she eats, she is in total frenzy inside.

It is most important for her to learn to calm that inner voice, to find a place of peace and tranquility. But it is not through food. It is not through need of control. It is a matter of finding love for her own being, time for her own being. She gives so much to others and not to herself.

Blessed one, please stop seeing it as a problem. Start seeing it as something that your body is trying to tell you. You need love. So how would you go about getting it? Putting words to it is the first way but no one knows. You tell everyone that everything is fine within you. You need to speak it out loud. You need to hear it reflected back to you that you are loved, that you are wonderful. And in time you will begin to love yourself.

Loving yourself is one of the main things about being in a body. Loving this soul, this spirit, having grace and a loving understanding of what you be. The force that moves this divine body that you created. Understand that you are a very powerful being.

And you can be that being, in all ways, in all forms, if you simply be still. Allow the radiance to shine through you. It is most often you do this when you are so busy helping others. You need to start taking much more time for yourself. Simple time, it does not need to be hours and hours. It can be as simply as lingering on a chair for a little while longer. Seeing your world, witnessing it. Seeing how important you are to it. You have created it.

It sounds as though she is feeling out of control with it, but you say it is not an issue of control. So when she is feeling out of control like that, what should she do?

Put everything down, step back and breathe deep cleaning breaths. Listen to her world around her and address only her own responsibilities. What busy times these beings live in. Much more complicated then it needs to be. Put everything down and focus.

Is there anything from her childhood that she needs to reflect upon, or is that not important?

Everything is important. But to truly move forward she needs to address what is now. It is not even possible within her conscious mind to know the exact details where it all began. But if she can still it now this will allow the door to open. Bit by bit it will be seen. She will have the ability to hear it if she gives herself some time.

Any last words for Andrea?

That she is loved. That she is beautiful. That if she could receive the love that she gives to others, she will heal herself.

Thank you.