Each lifetime is a learning unique to your growth, Jane Kennard, Circles within Circles

Each lifetime is a learning experience unique to your own growth

A guide sums up what we need to understand about past lives.

We’ve been speaking about past lives. What can you share with us that would be important for us to understand about the many lives that we have lived?

This amazing cycle that you all are in is your learning time, to grow, to experience. Your vibration will heighten with each element of growth–to the point in which you can no longer dwell within the physical domain. Each lifetime, though you may judge it as linear, is an experience unique to your growth. You may have promises or tasks to be learned in each one, shared with others that you may return with. There are cycles of those that come together. And there are some that come alone, brave beings wishing to experience and grow without those that they have known well. They may feel out of synch from time to time. They may feel that they don’t have anyone that they can speak with or feel close to. Being out of synch with your vibrational group can affect a being–but it does not stop your growth.

You do not need to even concern yourself a great deal with those existences that are within you that do not have a lot to do with the life you are now in. But in truth you are from them and everything within it has a vibrational quota. You are the sum total of all of this.

Source: Photograph by Eutah Mizushima

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