Dreams of a wife who has passed over


Hello, and thank you for answering my previous question. I am forwarding this new question on behalf of my dad.  He is 75 years old and has no interest using computers and has no email address. So I hope you all can understand his choice. His wife, Claire, whom he considered his best friend as well, passed away almost 4 years ago after being together for 47 years. Two weeks after her funeral service he had a dream about her. She came to introduce her father (who had passed away 5 years before their marriage, and therefore never met), a young boy (whom he says he doesn’t know ) and a large dog was present. He felt that the dream was very real and when he woke up he started having chest pains, which later resulted in 2 heart attacks and being hospitalized for 2 months.

He wonders and believes that Claire won’t come back and talk to him, (in dreamstate), as he thinks Claire feels responsible for causing his illness and operation. Since then, when he dreams of her, she is silent and appears in a Nun habit and gown, and disappears when he recognizes that it is her. He wants to know what is she trying to tell him? Does she know how much he misses and loves her? Do the Spirit Guides see,visit, interact with loved ones that have passed over, like as if there is a special community they can get together? Although he has been working on healing his heartbreak, he feels life just isn’t the same without her and feels as time has gone by, he is losing their connection. He is looking forward to what you have to share and thank you for listening and connecting. Peace.

The guide’s response:

He is so afraid and so unwilling to forgive himself for living, for being.  Gentle one, the dreams you have some are true communication and some are your great need to hold that one still close to you.  There is a part of your being that has chosen to not move forward, thus your heart attack.  You are at a precipice.  There is a great part of you that really doesn’t want to go forward.  And in that, in that great yearning to be present with the one who has passed on, you hold both of you in a state of no growth which is not good for you, nor your gentle, wonderful wife.  In truth, blessed one, your wife wants you to let go of her, to let her move forward, and for you to embrace your life.  There is much for you to do yet.  That what you have will always be, that bond grows stronger, even though you might feel the distance is greater.

You see, dearest one, love is never destroyed, it grows more radiant.  And as the physical release occurs, the radiance is greater in your life.  Should you choose to not move forward and leave this physical life, you have to return to do that that you have not yet completed.  Of course, this is your choice, blessed one, but know that that one, this being, wants you to complete.  Part of that that she began with you, you can complete for both of you.  Her part was complete and that is why she could move on.  There is a reason she no longer could be in the physical world with you, great growth that you have not yet seen.  You do not understand how you will help many, in time.  You must choose it when you are ready.  Your wife is not returning in a vision of a nun to you so that you cannot have the love that you have. The love is, it is real, it is never to be doubted.  But let that blessed one move into the light as you have always loved.  Let that one be moving in her own growth and you in yours.  Yes, it takes a great love to be willing to forgive yourself for wanting to hold her back, but do so, blessed one.  Breathe deep into the physical world, ground yourself and choose your life, your radiant, beautiful life and those that are with you to help you complete your promises.  Bless you my child.

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  1. Stella February 1, 2012 at 1:42 pm - Reply

    Dearest Guides,
    I have been very scattered and unfocused the past few months and I don’t know why, or how to get my focus back. I wonder about my job, my career – which way am I supposed to go with it?

    Also, I was recently in contact with someone from my past who I had an intense, spiritual connection with. We communicated and confirmed that it was a series of misunderstandings that lead to our separation. However now I am with someone else, whom I love and care deeply about, and have a wonderful life with. Why did I learn about the misunderstandings now – what purpose does it serve? And why am I so drawn to C? I know our connection is one of many lifetimes…are we meant to ever be together in this one?

    Thank you for any insight you can provide.

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