Dreams and a sense of kinship with a certain person

FS asks about dreams she has been having.  She says, “For about five years now I have been having dreams about a man I know that I will call M. We are not close and I don’t know him that well but I do feel a certain something. I am not sure how to describe it — kinship maybe or familiarity. I definitely like this man very much. Is there any other reason for my feelings or the dreams or are they simply thoughts passing through my mind.

Interesting that she says “simply thoughts.”  For this an amazing thing in itself: thoughts passing through a mind.  And why would they be there?   The dreams of course are all creations of her own being: needing, wanting this kinship, this knowing, to be more familiar.  The fact is she does know this being from a past existence.  And it was a very interesting relationship then.  And yes, there is a certain thing that they have yet to finish in this lifetime, but it is not a major promise.  This being (FS) has chosen a very many promises this lifetime and that’s why she has very little time to find pleasure for herself.

Allow it to be.  Give it space.  Do not put a lot of words between the two of you.  Allow the feeling from one being to another to be. And you will see in time.  I know what you want my dear.  Allow this to open and it will be what it has to be.

Thank you.

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  1. Elizabeth May 16, 2010 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    Hi, I really like the new website!, I have a question :)

    I think I’m lost, I feel very inadequate. I was doing well, enjoying my life, very happy. Then something happened and it all went downhill. Problem is that I don’t know what happened, its like I’m two people in one. I’m adamant that I don’t want to continue living unless I have a partner, while my other self finds the whole idea ridiculous. The other day while driving on the highway I wanted to crash so that I could die. I can’t handle the pain this is giving me. I can’t shake her off, its like another person is here with me… am I going a little crazy? or maybe I’m making it up because I’m not doing well as I hoped in my new job. Would you be able to point at my problem? maybe by looking at it I can fix it. I don’t want to bother my mother anymore either, I dislike bothering people.
    Thank you,

  2. toresa May 28, 2010 at 7:59 pm - Reply

    my daughter Shelley committed suicide in dec 2009, a shocker for the whole family.at 47, her life was difficult and she had depression big time..was she ill, i sense she had cancer and kept it from us..she has appeared to me several times, talking to me and i seen some of her passage..she was a double pisce and had retograde neptune,pluto and uranus acting up big time as she felt she was going crazy..my heart just aches with sorrow and my heart has accepted her passing,but my head just whirls with questions as i sense i could have listened more to her as she did drop clues

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