This is a question from someone who doesn’t give a name. She asks about her relationship with a man she knew many years ago. She has been with this one for about a year but now feels uncertain because of some of his behaviours. She asks if she is just scared or if this is not a good relationship for her. She says, “I want to be in a relationship, be a family. I did not like being single, nor wa i good at it. I attracted all the wrong men or was attracted to them, more acurately. Here I have this good man & am floundering still…….”

Blessed, dearest one, many questions, many fears, many truths. You are very confused for you have worked very hard to trust your inner voice, your self knowing, your truth. And now you are trying to push it away. Now doubting something you have worked very hard to attain. And now you don’t know where you stand.

Let go of all things my dearest one and go to that place of inner light, of knowing of yourself. You are a family. You have wonderful, wonderful children. They grow and they are beautiful. This being that returns into your path awakes part of you, the sexual, the womanly, and the necessary parts of being whole. And as soon as something comes that you find that your truth does not fit, you are ready to throw out your whole truth, and push yourself into a place, in an old pattern. When you are unsure of that, it is a time to be still.

It is a time to allow states to grow. You will find even your own choices have not been made lately. You find you chose for others and not for you. Think well of this my dear. It is a moment and time of great growth but you are fearing stepping backwards. I am not saying that it cannot grow and move forward. But you are trying to move forward right now. You must think well in this. Trust in you again, my dear. Trust in the beauty and wonder of you and what you offer. Bless you my child. You are not alone. Can I give you reassurances of what lies ahead? No–I can only tell you, you must make choices and therein lies your growth.

She says she doesn’t trust her feelings.

I know. She doesn’t want to feel what her feelings are telling her. She has worked very hard to be able to hear her own inner voice. I will not give her the choices to make.

It is her choice?

Yes, it must be.

Often we want to ask the guides to make choices or decisions for us, but this they cannot do.  If our guides were to tell us what to do with our lives they would be taking away from our growth–the most important part of being here.  When reading the words of the guides, listen carefully for keys that may be in the response.  Keys that will help you find your own way.