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Don’t have the answers–but have an open heart

Guidance for a mother with a grown son addicted to drugs

My son has been struggling with drug use, addiction and mental health issues for a very long time. He is still young so my hope is he will find the path that is right for him. What can the guides share with me about living with and supporting my unpredictable, volatile son through his addictions and mental health issues? I so often feel negative, tired and hopeless.

Blessed, blessed mother. You are tired and exhausted because you’re trying to do something against what your heart is speaking to you. You are very alone, and you want information on how to be stronger than who you are. But you are very strong. Your child, is a very evolved being, hiding from the world. You need to have a complete heart-to-heart communication. And that doesn’t always mean words; it doesn’t always have to be in words. It means not giving money, it means not saying yes to behaviours that are foreign to you, and to him. Try whenever possible to sit with this one, perhaps side-to-side, not face-to-face. If you can, perhaps place your hand upon an arm or hold his hand, but he may not feel comfortable with this–and speak from your heart.

Tell him that you feel it’s your fault. Tell him that you are sorry for actions you did that may have caused him confusion. Tell him that you want him to heal himself and that you are willing to help him in any way–except supporting this drug life that is not him. You cannot sit by and watch him kill himself. He is undertaking a form of suicide with these actions. You need to speak truth, but gentle truth, coming from your heart; not your mind, not some psychologists words. He is your child. He is of your heart. He is of your blood. You care more for him than for life.

Speak this way to him. In one way you’ll feel not so exhausted for your truth will be spoken. If he asks you to do tasks that are beyond what you should do you’ll know it instantly. Your entire body will feel pulled back from unwillingness. Pay attention to this, blessed one.

Whenever you are with him open your heart, not necessarily your mind. Don’t have the answers but have an open heart. Be willing to see him; be willing to show him who you are.  Speak to him that life can have a very hard road, but it is possible, and this can heal. And he can have the joy of whatever he chooses, but he must choose it. And it might be hard but it is worth every minute.

Oh blessed one, I want you to know you are not alone. There are beings of light around you. You have even thought perhaps serendipity, the way certain things connect. How when you ask and then there be someone there to help. Ask, blessed one. Ask and tell him to ask. Tell him to believe, believe in himself and the greater power, in guides, guardian angels. But believe. Often in the darkest time it is that bright light of belief that shows you the way through it.

There is a route of learning that is present here. There was a reason for this. So don’t feel guilt and blame; these are worthless thoughts and feelings. There was a reason this one needed to take this path, and he will come out the other side if he chooses to, and he will use this knowledge to help others.

Bless you. You are not alone.



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  1. Sahara Wind August 13, 2015 at 8:54 pm - Reply

    This message from the guide offers a ray of hope. My son was also addicted to drugs for about ten years. It is a painful heartache to witness your child, your loved one in the throes of an addiction. These words bring comfort in knowing that our children, even though grown, are always being held in unconditional love. Even in the midst of such difficult times, our children are wrapped in light by the wings of the angels, our spirit guides. Take gentle care mother.

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