Do we choose when we are born


RMW writes, “I was wondering about astrology and what we can learn from it.  Do we choose our birth chart and our date of birth, for example? Why would a person choose to be born a Leo or Scorpio or born with venus in Pisces or venus in Aries? 

I have always been into astrology and I can certainly see some evidence in my life. If you have any words on this subject, it would be very much appreciated.”

Many things in the physical domain are controlled by it. That is why you are present within it. It creates an element of growth. It creates opportunities to be presented to you. In a way, I suppose you could say you choose when you will be born, but not the exact time. Those conditions are all due to the physical elements at hand. You do not choose the sex that you are going to be. And you cannot choose usually when the birth will take place. but you do choose the parents. When that great conception occurs, other then the spiritual one that happens much before the physical, well, that puts in play all of the other things to occur because of it.

So yes, the time in which you physically connect and are alive in a physical world is truly conception in the physical. But the birth also, because then the elements and you are one. Of course, it has an effect. And all beings must seek to find their truth, their way to try to understand their universe. Many things you will put in play because this is what you believe. Many things are truth about these studies, as ancient as they might be. No one thing rules your path though, except you. Remember that. Nothing controls you except you and your choices.

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    I am in the process of trying to clear out the clutter in my house and then move. I can not seem to come to terms if I should rent my house out, sell my house, have my boyfriend move here and we rent his house out, move in with my boyfriend and sell my house or buy a house and move in with my boyfriend. Alot of options and therefore may I ask the guides for guidance.Thank youBL

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