Do not seek approval from others–approve of your own being

Sandy writes:

I met a man, “C”, two years ago under rather extraordinary circumstances (some would call it kismet or fate) and we had a brief relationship. Due to a series of miscommunications we lost touch, but he has never given up and contacts me at least twice a year. We are recently communicating again; he would like to maintain a friendship with me. I know I have a strong connection to him – I cannot explain it, but I definately feel a connection unlike anything I have felt with anyone else. Not necessarily a romantic connection, but definately a powerful one. I am now in a wonderful relationship with someone else, and have no interest in C ras a romantic partner. I feel that we crossed paths for a reason, but I have no idea what it is. Can you tell me what our connection is, and what the purpose of our meeting was? I feel like there is something I should learn from him.

Also, I feel like a career change is on the horizon for me. Can you give me any advice about which direction I should move in and how to be more confident in my abilities?


The Guide’s response:

Dearest one,

Secrecy has many purposes in the physical world.  But for you right now it is protecting a hidden part of you, the part of you that you have often denied, that you have not allowed to be expressed.  You have the capacity to love deeply, with many—so do not be afraid of that.

I know you want to fit in to the rules and regulations of your world.  I know you want to hurt no one.   Why is it often conveyed in your world that loving is often hurtful?

Love does not have to mean a sexual relationship.  But firstly, before you truly have any relationship with anyone, dearest one, it is the relationship with you that you truly need to be at peace with.  You must ask yourself why you keep some things so hidden and protected.

The true essence of who you be is beautiful. Allow others to see this light.

You like to be protected.  You fear standing out and being seen completely, dearest.  Fear it not.

Your choice of whether you continue a friendship through these means  is up to you, blessed one.  But first, take some time for you to understand it.  Understand what you fear, what knowing about you could be fearful.

You have already begun to think of a career change and again, of course you need to stand alone, to step out again, to be seen, to do that that is part of you.

Oh, don’t look for approval from others.  Approve of your own being dearest.  Blessed one,   you are a beautiful being.  Be it.

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