Do not be upset with your anger or fear; see it through

Faith writes:

Hello Guides, I am hoping to understand my relationship with anger- where does it come from? What to do with this difficult energy? Any insight and advice would be most appreciated.
Thank you

The guide’s response:

Anger is an amazing energy.  It is part of an amazing tool you use in the physical world.  You must have it, of course, in balance. Dear one, you are walking about very much in fear and protection of your being.  You have been trod on many times, my dear.  It’s almost as if there was a time that you were invisible and that you no longer tolerate this. And so you created these bursts to get people to pay attention, so say: I am here.

Do not be afraid of the anger.  See it through. Understand that you need to be seen. Understand that for all spirits that dwell in body, it is an important thing to be seen, to have it know that you are present.  Do not be upset with your anger or fear.  See it through in each instance.  Before you feel that rush coming forward, before you speak, speak to yourself.  Ask: Is it my heart telling me I am hurt?  Am I feeling threatened?  Am I sad?  Am I hungry for love?

You have some internal work to do, blessed one.  It is possible.  You are an amazing being and you can find balance.

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