Discovering your own talents and expression

Barbara says she’s been told she’s amazingly talented. She says, “It seems everyone else sees this except me. How do I discover these talents, whatever they might be?”

Firstly, her greatest talent is being a coordinator for all the beings around her. She has helped to facilitate so many others. And she has really enjoyed this light and likes the fact they have appreciated all that she has helped them with. She should see this about herself and then give herself some attention. She doesn’t need to fill the need for everyone else, but for her own being.

What is that voice that plays within her? Sometimes it is a child’s voice, sometimes it is a voice of nature and a song so light and bright that she cannot even hear it with her ears. She can see it through nature.

This beautiful spirit often disappears when she is amongst others. She often lives on the breath of others and finds her joy in their light. She needs to stamp her feet. She needs to make noise. She needs to find her own character—not one that has been used by others, but hers. She needs to make an imprint of her own footsteps, to realize she is in the physical–an angel in the physical. Because she is so in awe of many things in the world, she feels that when she creates something, it is a poor example of that which is. Tell her to try abstract. Try something that does not have the limitation of a place, a name, a colour, but instead a birth from her.

If I were to tell it to her, that would be from my dimension. She must be from her energy. Tell her to create an image of her soul. She will know. She is a blessed being. I thank her for being.

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