Gina asks about the problems she has relating to others. She says, “it appears that the comfort and assuredness that others seem to have comes hard fro me. Why are my female relationships shortlived and I experience rejection?  There is a relative who lives in the same city as I.  Did I do something wrong to her for her to treat me the way she does?

Dearest one, you have no idea how some people wither away from you because of your intensity.   You need to lighten up, my dear, and allow some space and air around you.  You need to understand that all beings are not at the same place as you.  You need to relax a bit and enjoy this amazing opportunity of growth and allow others where they be, to be who they are.  And accept who you are in all of your brilliance and magnitude.  You have a great path.  There is something that you will do in time, not yet, that will have an effect on many beings, so savor every step.  Understand that all actions on your path are a learning ground, not necessarily a teaching at this time, a learning ground.   If a being recoils from you and otherwise feels you are too intense, bless them and love them.  There are many that will seek your help in time and you will feel at peace.