GuidesGalaxy angel – Dearest Guide, Thank you for taking my question. I am finally ready to open myself to my spirit guides through meditation and I would really love to have more information about them as far as signs to look for and how many I have. Thank you again!

Guide – Well, my dear, you have at different times in your path, your light you might call it, different numbers of beings that might be with you, helping you.  Beings of energy no longer have needs as you do in the physical form.  It is often a vibrational sound.  You might actually hear a song before you would hear a word from these beings of light.  Develop a conversation with them.  Say it out loud or in your heart, it doesn’t matter for they hear all you think and every word you feel about yourself.  State an expectation and wait for it to occur.  Do you want to know who they are?  Some beings wait lifetimes to hear who the attendees are.  It doesn’t really matter – it’s up to them and you.

You say you are ready but there is still a small bit of fear; you don’t want anything to frighten you.  That is not their purpose, blessed one.  Their purpose is to guide you; to make your path as uncomplicated as possible; as vibrationally heightened as possible and for you to know who you are, my magnificent being.  Begin your conversation with them and do not be afraid, for they shall never harm you.

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