Beverly asks what happened with the man she met after the death of her last relationship. She says, “For three years he said he loved me and then suddenly he made a decision to go on without me. It was sudden and shocking. Can someone shed some light on what happened?”

Dearest Beverly, you use the words of death for the relationship, for you wanted to die, but it has not. You still love this being and the heart connection is so very deep within you. You must heal this. Love never dies my child. It helps you. It helps you grow. And you are a better being for the love you’ve had.

You want to know why and how, you and wonder if you can blame yourself, or him, or others. Be not in that mindset dearest child but be thankful for the love that was. For you are a magnificent being. You want to love again but you have not made that possible because you are very much still in that place of not moving forward.

Be not afraid, my child. You can love. What happened was his choice. He was fearful and has some difficulties. He spoke untruths and that only brings back unhappiness to him. And so your bright light caused him to feel uncomfortable. You do not need to change, my dearest. You do not need to speak harsh words towards him. You need to BE LOVE for that is what you are. Open the space in you to allow the growth and welcome in a new love. For there are many, because you have great capacity to love. You are a beautiful being.