Dance and sing so the creative juices will flow


Laurelee – I will be retiring soon and I would like to connect with my intuitiveness and what not.  Do you have any guidance for me

Guide – what is “what not” my dear? (gentle laughter).

Yes, you want to get back to being who you are.  You have fulfilled the need to bring you to this place and it has been torturous.  So perhaps “what not” is fun.  So, what to do?

To unleash your being from the structure, at first you are going to feel completely lost.  You will wander about going “is this it, no….is this it, no.” Perhaps you will try on different shoes and coat perhaps thinking you need to go on a different fad diet. You will do all sorts of different things trying to find out who you are.

The best thing for you to do when evolving, growing, moving and nurturing yourself is to treat your being like the baby, like a lovely darling baby; nourishment, warmth, lots of sleep, not too much exposure to sun, quiet and learn to speak again, let go of all expectations and all time.  Well, you are so tired of meeting time requirements.   I used to cover clocks.

And I want you to dance. I want you to either sing, or put music on and dance.  Dance until you are so tired that you can’t even do it anymore.  Jiggle, laugh and dance and go places where you can dance and where you can hear music.  It is a wonderful refreshing way to realign the brain waves.  There are such deep roots in your brain to follow and already decide a path. We are going to make some new roots, some unexpected ones, the creative juices must flow.

You haven’t forgotten who you are, you have just been holding your breath.  Breathe and enjoy every second. Make sure you get some physical touch too, my dear. You need human touch.  It is a wonderful healing thing.  I believe all of you in your world forget about touch once you’ve left childhood.   There is a failure to thrive without touch. A sick being will heal more with touch than with medicine.  I am not saying you are sick, dear, but you need touch.

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