Helen writes, “What do I need to do to become financially independent, and get a home for me and my son.  Should I look for another job or in the current climate stay where I am although I do not enjoy it.  The hours and money suit but I feel like a failure for not standing on my own two feet.  Life has been joyless for so many years and I find it hard to break out of this circle.  I do appreciate that I am lucky in so many ways with a good family and health, etc.  Any advice would be great.

We are posting two answers to Helen’s question here, as we inadvertently asked it of two different guides.  The first answer is from the professor and the second from the female guide.

Who am I?  How do I get independent?  In other words, the world is too much for me.  No, dear, the world is not too much for you.  But you are trying to do too much for it.  Be.  Be that that you are, a radiant being.  It seems I say this over and over again, but take time.  Dearest child, this is your first responsibility after yourself.  Teach this one to find his bliss.  Teach this one about bliss.  It is not a stable life or a home.  It is about accepting who you be.  How does that translate in a world with so many demands and expectations?  Actually, quite easily. That you don’t buy into the needs or the expectations of a society that truly pulls away from the spiritual life.  She holds within her hands her future child.  Enjoy it.  Let the work be a sideline.  Let her life’s path, her love, her joy, be her path.  Ask for herself that she be supported so she can do her work.  And, at this time it is her child.  Bless you my dearest one.

Do you not know how magnificent you are blessed one?  You are a chameleon.  You fit the bill.  You do whatever is necessary to make ends meet.  I am not surprised now that you are feeling there is another calling.  Your choice, your truth.  This is what you seek. It doesn’t mean that it needs to be denied completely so that others can have their needs met.  You have the ability to seek and do exactly what you need to do and still fill all of these other things. It is true the energies will be great and you will have to do a good deal to fulfill it all. What do you want to do?  To wander through an amazing garden, to take time to hear others laughter, to not be the one to do all of the work.  Dearest, dearest, take a moment to see the wonder of what you have created.  In this miraculous world and life you have created, see that you can create something for you.  Something that fills a part of you.You are a very evolved being.  Spiritually you have helped many.  Trust in this and it shall be.