Desire to connect with other kindred spirits, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

A desire to connect with other kindred spirits

I have been working on healing my body and my heart. I need to make more mind-like friends and I don’t know where to go and what to do to connect with these kindred spirit souls.

Bookstores, for you, my dear. Bookstores are wonderful places to meet people.

You are doing beautifully, my very wonderful one. Do not worry. You will meet those who will come and gather. It will happen. You will have to be a little more vocal and that is not your natural way, but you are gaining strength every day. And it isn’t a race, blessed one. It is a path and a path you can meander on and stop and check the flow; of a river, or your life stream.

Stand in the light, blessed one. And if you don’t understand what that means, visualize a beautiful light shining over you. A light that shines through the fabric of the world just on you, to hold you, to love  you, to support you. Bless you.