Barbara says she has been told there is a new man coming into her life and that he is to be her next mate and he will find her. She wants to know if this is true, and if it is, what she has to do to make it happen. She’s been told he wears good shoes and she is finding herself looking at a lot of men’s shoes these days. She definitely is looking for this one but wants to know it is something that is meant to be.

The greatest obstacle to this one is belief. She wants to but she doesn’t. She doesn’t believe that this one will come. She doesn’t trust in anything that she has not controlled. She is an amazingly talented being. She has created great growth for herself in many ways, but she is afraid to trust completely in this area for fear of being hurt. She has been hurt, hurt deeply—and never, never will allow this to be again. And so she has put up a great curtain between…well…

One must create an opening in one’s life for another being to come. You’ve all heard this that is much spoken about—the law of attraction, intent, opening, trusting. These are all words she must speak to herself. She did not do this purposefully. She wants to believe but is afraid.

Speak to her to dance in the joy of being. To say it openly, welcoming this being of light into her life. That is matters not whether he has shoes or not shoes. That she is ready for this being to be.

Much love to this being.

Thank you.