Conused about a past life connection

Elizabeth asked about how to proceed with Craig, a man she has recognized from a past life. She says, “Recognizing Craig from a past life has been wonderful and a little confusing. First time we spoke I could see him as he was in the previous life (I didn’t know this at the time), with brown long hair, olive skin and in his 30’s. Then I saw him days later and he is in his 40’s, red hair and light skin, I seriously thought I had confused him with another person, but no, its definitely him. I feel love, anger and sadness towards this man and I don’t know where they come from or what to do with them. I find him adorable (I’m all smitten really) but he does not approach me which makes me more sad than it should, and frankly a little angry that he doesn’t come and get me. It makes no sense! I don’t know this man and we’re not even friends. I’m now leaving university, he is a teacher there. Should I leave this alone? I don’t want intrude. I ask because this is the first time I’ve encountered a past life recognition this way and with my troubled situation of accepting love it all makes me very uncomfortable.

Yes, dearest one. You are a very evolved being. You will have more and more abilities to understand the past, both that that was and that which is. It is in your great wisdom that you know you should move on. It was true what you saw, what you felt about this being. It was impossible for him to react. Your society states certain things and expectations. This being is also very wise and would never want to harm, or hurt anyone. You in turn are this way, as well. You have difficulty loving, yet you have been searching for a love for a long while. Know that there is one that is coming that you will share time and love with. That is why you are seeking it in many different avenues. You have always felt the need for love, but never received it early in this life, as you should have. Especially from a dear father that you needed so desperately. You will find this being; he is coming to you my dearest one. Trust in this and know that the path you are on is a magnificent one. You are wise; trust in this. Many times a being will encounter one from a previous experience of growth, or past life as you call them. Your society does not allow this to be. Love is never a bad thing. But there are often choices that cause difficulty to others. You must accept that. Bless you my child for you are very wise.

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  1. Anonymous July 30, 2009 at 1:14 pm - Reply

    Thank you Jane, Joanna and Guide. Gosh I got my hopes up real high, I wish he could love me, but I will move on. Its an eeky feeling isn’t it? when you need to let go. I’ll go for a 2 hour jog or something, buy some brushes and water paint and paint like crazy, paint and run, I don’t even paint! :) Thank you again. Hugs and kisses, Elizabeth.

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