Connecting with someone you’ve known from another time and place

Kd seeman writes:

Hello Guides, I recently met someone while on vacation and we connected on many levels over the course of two short days. We’ve been talking every day since then and the bond feels right like we were meant to meet or we were brought together by some sort of fate in a very random setting. The only difficulty that we face is we live halfway across the country from each other and I was wondering if there are any suggestions on how to build and keep a long distance relationship thriving.

The guide’s response:

Your heart is so joyful at finding this being that you have known from another time and another place. That is why you feel so at peace in conversation with this one.  So continue the conversation and allow it to grow and expand. Your world may seem a long ways apart but in truth your bind is very instant.  As you notice you are communicating at similar times.  Do not be afraid to love. Don’t put conditions on it.  Allow it to grow and be.  If you’ve come from lifetimes to see one another again don’t be afraid of miles, my dear.  You are a joyful beautiful being with a great deal on your plate, all of which you want, and you enjoy a lot of business for you fear the quiet time.  But quiet time is what you need, dearest one. Be still.  Be that beautiful brilliant light that lies within.  And with that light reach out to this love, share what is there to be.

Do not ask for that that is yet to be, allow it to grow. You live in this world where these tools are the words of your life, are the rays of communication.  It is interesting for there was a time when you shared with this one, not of this life, but the communication took months.  You struggled with that as well.  The ancient boats took a long time to move a letter back and forth. You are now in a time of instant communication and yet you still feel burdened by it. Blessed one, rejoice. Rejoice in finding a light in this world that lifts your heart so.  Indeed, be not afraid. Be

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  1. RichLovingJoy January 26, 2011 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    Dear Guides,

    I know a physical move is the next step in finally putting a close on this 8 year chapter of my life that has been greatly challenging, yet filled with tremendous growth for my being.

    That being said, I have no idea where to look and/or how I’ll ever afford to move once I find it. Any guidance you can offer at this time would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks in advance.

  2. tricia January 26, 2011 at 6:54 pm - Reply

    Please use the name Pam

    I would like to ask if I am creating my life threw my free will and chooses or does your Horoscopes have a part to play in what the future holds for you ?
    Many thanks, LOVE and Blessing

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