Lindsay asks about her connection with S.C.  She says, ”

We have had a very complicated relationship; we’ve been many things to each other in this lifetime and I feel like we have known one another far longer than that. I love this person with every ounce of my being. In fact, we have such an intense, other worldly connection that I worry I will not find a future life partner who I feel as deeply connected to as him. What purpose have we served for each other in this lifetime and will another wonderful soul come along that I can spend my life with? It has always been my dream to love and marry someone who is my best friend, someone who connects with me on all levels. Is this in my future? Thank you for your love and guidance.

The guide responds:
This blessed being is so confused and conflicted.  She is now questioning her own center of being.  Dearest Lindsay, it is because you have stood and watched another being., I don’t mean to be negative, but you have stomped about and hurt so much of your sense of feeling.   And so you are confused.  Wondering if this is how you should behave?  Is that what wins at the end?  I want you to wipe the slate clean, my dear.  I want you to know that there was learning in this, but it is not yet time to understand why.   It is time to heal.
And how does one heal when one has been twisted in many ways, and not knowing your own sense of being.  Oh dear heart, take your baths, your walks. Re-unite with you.  Give yourself a sense of who you be again.  Never mind looking for another mate.  Look to find yourself.  So many times when one is in deep pain in the physical world, one seeks another to make it better.  Instead of healing that pain, you slap on a bandage.  And before you know it you have a festering boil that must be lanced and needs emergency surgery. Do you see what I am saying?  Take time Lindsay, now, to heal it instead of getting into another relationship and having all chaos breaking out.
Don’t look for your bandage dearest.   Allow the sunlight on to your sores, onto your pain.  Acceptance.  Know that it happened.  None of this stiff upper lip nonsense.  Gentle soul, you are a lover.  You love to be.   Heal yourself and you will be ready for your future love.