Confused about past lives and wondering where you belong

Eric is confused about his past lives and where he belongs.  He feels he doesn’t belong in Indiana. 

What a lovely wise soul!  Has often felt like he was out of step, out of place, perhaps the only one watching and not taking part.  It is because he is very evolved, very old.  And I say to him thank you for coming to be in this world.  This physical world is so in need of him and others like him. Evolved beings often feel alone; they do not have a lot of others that they have communion with.  But there are and there will be and he shall find them in time.

Dear Eric, it’s not a matter of moving to another place, it’s a matter of being out and speaking your voice.  And you will catch the energy of others, their own vibrations. It doesn’t mean to judge others that they are not to be in your life for you can teach them and help them.  Many of the beings in your life talk so much that you can’t get in a word. And you fear that if you spoke your words you would be judged—but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk.

Speak child.  You are needed.  You do not judge.  You help to teach.  Yes you have lived many lifetimes.  I’m not surprised that you would feel comfortable in many different eras.  Museums must be great fodder for your life when all things will seem very familiar to you.  But this lifetime is not just a repeat of that.  There is very much a need—a necessity— for you to be here.   You’ve chosen your wisdom,  to be patient,  to come back.  To help others.  Do not give up on them.  I thank you for being present in the physical.

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