Confused about love

I have a question from a person who gave no name. She says, “This is not my first marriage and I have been married to my current husband for quite a few years. I care for him, but do not feel a deep love. I feel like we were siblings in a previous life. I have never had a marriage where I felt a deep love like I feel for my children or grandchildren. Is this my path through this lifetime? Thank you so much for all that you do.”

Dearest one. You are confused about physical love; the highest love being that of spirit. It is all just different forms and different vibrations. But love is love, and you have it for all mankind, but you don’t have it for yourself. And so you are not willing to be complete with any of these beings, without giving it in such a flood towards them that you cannot receive it for yourself.

To feel that physical love you must receive it, so you must love yourself. You have had some feelings of numbness with in the body and being; confusion of what sexually you really be and want. You have had many solitary lifetimes in which love was given freely but touch not. In this lifetime you very much need touch. You need to accept it. Open yourself my dearest one. Allow touch. Just receive. Do not give back. It doesn’t mean that you cannot give back. But allow yourself moments of just receiving. Love yourself enough to give yourself this, dearest. I hope you will do this for you are truly a wondrous being. You need to feel all the love that is there for you.

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