Concerning oneself with time to be happy

Barbara would like to know if she is on the right path. She asks:

I feel that the year ahead has a number of changes for me. One of the biggest is a career change, perhaps not so much a change as gearing down. I am passionate about my work and have spent many happy years in it, still do but I’m starting to feel that it is draining me. I’m feeling physically taxed. I feel that I would like to lessen my work week by one day but I’m not sure if this is feasible financially. Do you see changes for me in this regard and in my life as a whole? And where is that great love anyway that I have been told is coming my way?

Here is the Guide’s message:

Of course it is feasible–that is all her choosing. And if one concerns one’s self with one’s time to be happy, to do what you want, then all things fall in place, all needs are met. If she could turn this passion she has for something else into a career, there would be no worry of any of it and it would all be in one place. But she has always divided happiness and work into two separate things. And as to this love–well, she hasn’t had time. She has been busy, busy, busy, filling her life with all of those necessary tasks.

I would say, it is time to play, time to radiate. With all the hands she has held, with all of the time she has been in other beings’ lives, it is time to take up her own. And then they will meet. No, she has not been purposely keeping him away. But one creates an energy around one’s self when one is in a whirlwind of self work and consciousness. It is time to allow the opening of oneness, to be part of the whole consciousness, and then there is room and the invitation to join.

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