Concern about a loved one’s drinking

Cheryl asks about a loved one’s drinking. She says he doesn’t become abusive but he is in his own little stupor. She knows that his behaviour is not life enhancing and she worries about his health, his spirit and the cost of his habit. She misses the vibrant person he is when he’s not drinking. She knows she cannot heal him as he must make his own choice, but she wants to know if there is something she can do to help.

It is an amazing thing, love in the physical form. The great compassion she has, in fact has helped him to stay in this state. Tell her to speak purely from her heart that she loves this one but no longer can accept the choices he makes for himself. That she must take action to choose for her own being. And this is to not allow the continuance of her relationship with this one. For truly, although she is afraid to say it, this is destroying her being. For as he takes the poison, it is she who is poisoned. As she watches his destruction, it is she who is being destroyed. Tell this blessed being to drink deep the love for herself, to choose now for her own growth. And if it means what seems quite drastic, to release herself, she must. She knows this in the depths of her being, but she does not want it. She wants him to see the love she has, and her need, but he cannot. Nor will he, if she accepts what he is doing.

Blessed one, call on love for yourself. Be that that you are. And love yourself. Again, this does not mean you cannot love the being. In fact you will love him more by loving yourself.

Thank you.

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