Conception and opportunities for growth

JS   writes:

First I want to thank you for coming through to speak with me and providing comfort and love.  I am in such a confusing place in my life. I am not sure where I am to be but I do feel like I am in the midst of one of my life’s promises. I felt compelled to create the situation that I am in but find it very difficult and challenging. I keep trying to figure it all out but none of my solutions feel right. Is the being that grows inside me going to bring me and my partner closer together and fulfill us as I pray it will or were we just the means to bring through a new entity? I am not even sure exactly what to ask, but I need comfort. I hope that you know what type of answers I am looking for as I can’t seem to find the words to express what I need. Can you please also tell me about my spirit guides and who they may be so that I can speak directly to them? I send all my love and I appreciate you so very much.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you want all beings to feel love and happiness, to be in peace.  For you have often felt very lonely on your path and you crave that love.  It has created the conditions under which you have made the your choices.   But know the conception of this being you carry occurred a long time ago.  Spiritually, conception occurs  long before the physical conception takes place.  And so in many ways you were fulfilling a very ancient promise.  But know that no being comes into the physical world to fix, all come to create growth for themselves.   And perhaps if they have promises with those that they came through (the parents), then, yes, to create growth for them as well.

Growth is an amazing thing my child.  It can at first seem painful and cause discomfort.  When this has run its course you will see that you have grown and become more magnificent.  You have surrounded yourself with many questions and unknown thoughts and this has caused you confusion.  You are concerned the the child you carry will be affected by the unknown.  Blessed one, think of love for this being, and know that you are giving the greatest gift for this one–opportunities for growth.  Worry not of what is yet to be.  Allow all creatures their own growth.  You think too many thoughts, my child.  Your mind is constantly trying to make peace with all manner of things.  Take this time now to be still, to be the light and the love that you are.

All voice communication, as well as thoughts are heard by your spirit guides  (as you call them).  If you need answers in a form that can be heard,  it can be worked out in a way that is easiest for you and them.  You must find a mode or method in which it is acceptable, whether it be through a sign or a signal.  You do hear in a way.  You do have a knowing.  Trust in this my child.  It is already in place.

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  1. kdseeman December 1, 2010 at 7:21 am - Reply

    Dear Guides, I have a question about guardian angels. I’ve been told by two different psychics that my guardian angel is the archangel Gabriel and my mother was actually told this by another one without even mentioning it. I was wondering if he could really be my guardian angel? I believe that someone is watching over me and I would love it if he was one of them but I’m having trouble with believing that I am special enough to have an archangel guiding me.

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