Helen asks for clarification of the guides’ response on June 25.  She says, “Please can you explain which specific part of me is he afraid of?  You say ‘it isn’t the truth but it is how he conveys it at this time’. What is not the truth?  I am confused as you say it is not something I am doing or chose not to do?

Does he feel any connection?

Is my ‘over-brightness’ the reason I rarely see him? (as he implies it is circumstances and acts happy when we meet?

Will he ever share his ‘true self’ and feelings with me?

Is our chapter in this life complete, and should I let the hope of knowing him go?

I do not want to scare or cause him to feel uncomfortable.  It is not often that our paths cross, it has just span over many years.  I trust and appreciate your guidance.

This being has a lot of growing to do.  Do not hold your growth in one place for another.  This one needs to move forward, but in truth is afraid to speak it.  Trust in your own inner knowing and be that that you are.