Lyn says she has a good job but doesn’t feel fulfilled by it. She has a sense there is something out there for her but she doesn’t know what direction to take. She asks if there is any help for her to make choices. She says, “Should I completely stop what I am doing before new doors open or will this happen while I continue my present work? It has been suggested that I write even though I do not see myself as a writer. I understand that you do not give specific answers because the growth on the journey is very important but I would be most grateful for a push in the right direction. With love and thanks.”

This is a blessed being. She has helped many people. Wants very much to have some time….to breathe, to see. But feels it is impossible. It is not. It is a matter of choice, in order to attain clarity. Because the fact is this being just needs time…to play, to rest, to just have time for self-healing. Does she create monsters? No.

But she is very creative—and they will consume her life if she gives birth to each of these things. Yes it is true, she can do other things that will bring her peace and harmony. But its important to establish time for her own space, healing, thought, clarity, whatever she wants to call it. She already knows this and is not surprised. She is looking for permission. She must give it to herself. This blessed being feels if she releases herself from this that she will drop like a stone into nothingness. That is not so. I know your world speaks never let go of something that you have that is positive. She would not be letting go of it; she would be releasing it, for it to take on its own life, and for her to take on hers.

And so she answers her own question. It is true we will not make choices for her. But if she gives herself permission, if she loves herself enough to allow herself to breathe, to be concerned about her own being.