L (Tomato seed woman) writes:

Dearest ladies and guides, Is it true that testosterone that testosterone makes men aggressive and want to spread their seed everywhere? I’m not sure I buy that. And is the desire of the soul often different from the desire of the body? People (men mostly) like to make these excuses that humans aren’t meant to settle down with one person and that only the most beautiful women should be taken as wives. Furthermore, the man I want to be with seems to really only want to be with exotic women, and I am not exotic. He has been really unkind to me, totally unwilling to own up to his shallow behavior…I know he does not want a relationship, but it seems like he just doesn’t care about me at all, and that he is not attracted to me. Thanks.

The guide’s response:

Tomato Seed Woman, you want very much to live a life of wonder and perfection.  You believe in the deepest part of your being that there is one person for one being and the opportunity of a love ever after, to be. And you can have this for you if you wish this.

Do not judge those that have found themselves through choices and places where they have grown and no longer does the choice fit.  This testosterone is not a negative hormone, it dwells in all beings, some more than others.  Every hormone present in the physical world dwells in all beings–for you all are made of the same carbon and water; the same molecules create all of you.  And the breath of light that you put into your body from your spirit decides how much of the hormone you will use.

Dearest one, perhaps those in the male form seem to exude too much of this for you at times, but you truly do not want a man without it.  You must trust that you will find a being, perhaps a bit older.  There is one that is coming that you will meet soon that is going to find the light and love in your determination to do everything so right.  I would ask you my dearest to be gentle on your being.  Don’t be so restrictive that you cannot blow in the wind and feel its touch upon your skin.  Don’t be so afraid of meeting someone who may have had different experiences but now decides on a new path, a path with you.

Monogamy is a choice; it is a choice for growth.  Choose what you will for your growth. Do not worry about what others choose for their growth. Call into your path one who will hold it in the high esteem as you do.  Bless you my child and love yourself.