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growthB – I have thought about what I would like to know….here goes…..what is my soul purpose? I had always worked in IT, but about a year ago, I lost my job and now cannot find work.

Oh, blessed, beautiful one, I cannot tell you what your soul purpose is, or your promises as that would take away from your growth.

That is your promise to you of what you have left to learn.

I will tell you that you have evolved a great deal.  You have endured many unbelievable difficult things and still come through knowing that there are greater things yet to do.  IT is interesting, but you are a people person, someone who must work with people; that infectious laugh and beautiful smile that is often conveyed a willingness to be present in others’ times and life.

You are an amazing healer, counselor, teacher.  You have not yet even touched those things.  You thought they were just parts of your personality.  Well, think about this one thing, my blessed one.  What have you truly chosen for you to do?

Oh, yes, you followed the route of others and thought that perhaps that would do. But what are you passionate about?  What fills your heart with joy?  You have time and space right now, see it not as a negative, but a positive opportunity.

Do you know that just a small act of touching and being with another being could change their world?   Perhaps think of these things. You do not know the impression that you have left on many.  Look up into your world, my dearest.  Be willing to take the hand that is going to be offered to  you soon.

No, it won’t be a given. It will be a knowing of what makes you feel alive.

Bless you, my child.  Bless you for asking.

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