Channeling light and love to others

Jennifer writes:

Dearest guides,

I am having difficulty with the sensitivities that I have. I am especially having trouble interacting with people. I get overwhelmed and I feel like I am sensing their energy and it is very intense. I feel the emotions of others and I find it confusing because sometimes I think their emotions are mine. I have been trying to overcome my social anxiety but it is hard because I think the anxiety is helping me cope with my sensitivities. I don’t feel like I fit very well in society and would love to feel more comfortable. My attempts to reach out to people have been very painful.  I was wondering if you have any advice?

The guide’s response:

Yes my beautiful ancient one.  You are a very evolved being.  It’s not easy to walk in the physical world when one has lived in it many, many times.  It is true you are very intuitive, very sensitive.  You walk in other beings shoes, you feel their pain, you hear their thoughts, not their words so much.  One thing you have a little out of balance, blessed one, is that you are drawing the energy into you (not unusual for ancient beings) instead of out of you.   Allow the amazing love and light to pour through you, out of you and into them. Feel them and pour love into them.  Feel as if you have floodlights pouring it out of your chest into others.  And then close off, leaving enough inside of you to be whole, balanced, and filled with light and love.

Ancient ones (and I mean this not in physical years but your spirit’s age) often have difficult lifetimes because they each come with a clear and quite huge promise: to help many.  Dear one, choose not to do anything with it right now, but find comfort with them.  Be with them; see them and not yourself.  See who they be, for they simply want to be seen by you, those that come close.  See them.  Give them the light and love.  Allow it to channel through you to them.  Bless you, ancient one, for you are loved.

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  1. nighthawkcof December 6, 2010 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    I posted about a week or so ago and was wondering if you had gotten an answer yet. If not I would like to rephrase that question into more of a “maybe some guidance on this path?” if that is possible

    Thank you

  2. nighthawkcof December 8, 2010 at 3:45 pm - Reply

    Jennifer I just saw your post and maybe this will help you:
    I know the feeling you are talking about and hope this may help. IM me anytime if you want to talk :)
    I didn’t even notice before what question I put my comment on before… talk about “coincidence” :)

    Love and blessing

  3. Paula December 18, 2010 at 8:18 am - Reply

    I have always felt incredibly sensitive to other people’s energies. I feel like I am only now starting to have an understanding and a word for it. I have been overwhelmd in all social situations my whole life.jokingly refering to myself as an “extroverted, introvert”. I have had a lot of major life changes in the last few years, and am finding my hormors some times make it harder for me not to absorb other peoples stuff. Sometimes it is difficult to look at people with compassion and kindness when you can feel them judging and trying to control you. I had an incredible experience a few months ago where I felt I met (God , Source , LOve) I would really love to bring more of this experience into my life. Is their anything I can do to make it so? Also one of my family members seems to of stepped over a little bit to far into the world of dellusion. Is this infact so and is their anything at all that the rest of us can do to assist bring this person back. Will I ever be able to go back to the place I lived without feeling sad (Ireland as well) Will my children both function well after the split of their parent. I feel such sadness and guilt at times especially concerning my son. And finally can I please ask my spirit guides to come closer,with kindness and support and love. Is their such a thing as dark energy?and if so how does one protect oneself from it? And finally is living back with my birth family a good step in forgivness , or is it infact stunting my growth. I thank you so much for your time in answering as many of my questions as you can. I look forward to hopefully attending another live performance in the future. P.S any advice you can give me to positively enhance my work environment.
    Thank-you, thank-you, for this wonderful service.
    One more quick question? Is my daughter experiencing the energies of her grandmother close to her? Will she be compensated farly after her car accident? Is my son safe and happy? I hope I have not placed any of my guilt on him.
    In very very much gratitude
    thank you.

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