Changing jobs

Andrea asks about her job. She says, “I seem to go back and forth as to whether I want to stay in this job or not. I really just want to be happy in the present and excited about what is to come, but I do feel torn. My current job should be my dream job but my stomach hurts when I think about it. Any insight you have is wonderfully appreciated.”

Dear, dear one, the very fact that your body is telling you this (and also the fact that you’re back and forth about it) is saying to you that this is not the right place for you. It may have some of the conditions that would be right, but not all of it. Does it mean you throw it all out? No, what you do is ask yourself which part of this is causing such concern and distress in your being.

A part of you would like to leave it all completely and live in a little rose cottage somewhere in a lovely meadow. There is a part of you that wants serenity and quiet and a simple, pristine life. And a part of you that wants the flash and the hype and all of the quickness of it all. And a part of you that needs to give to your universe, to help others grow. And so, being all these many amazing parts, you find out which ones fit. Know that there will be many that will fit. Know that there isn’t just one thing that you’re going to do, that there will be many. This will help lighten the terrible stresses upon you that you must fit so much.

Know that you are a multifaceted being. You have many parts of you that will shine, and can shine, in other directions. So be patient. Ask yourself. Use this amazing brain you have. Ask your body: Wwhy is it so tense? What part of the job is causing this? Is it the people? Is it one person? And if that is the case, then address it with them. Solve it. Take attention to it. Or, choose to move in another direction–there are many you could take. Do not feel yourself needing to be held hard and fast in one place. You are an amazing creature and have much to give your world.

Thank you. It’s not an easy time to be changing jobs now; there are many people who have been let go of their jobs.

Just because some are being let go, doesn’t mean everyone should be in fear. And if one is in a position that is making them very uncomfortable they mustn’t stay there. If it is causing them difficulty, there is something else they must do. You see the fear that flows right now is very intoxicating and it causes much distress among people that are just a little unsure of what they are doing. It affects many. They must take deep breaths and realize that they needn’t be in fear. They know what they need to do by listening to their being, by knowing who they are. They must find their truth. They’ll be fine.

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