Finding a new direction with career

I have been a teacher and I have been wanting to do something else.  There is a lot of fear involved and I know I have many gifts that I am not using and I would love to hear a direction or anything what I should be doing next.

You are tired of the politics and the playing games of not the reality of what was important.  You are a peacemaker and you are also an amazing business being.  You would have a very good opportunity for you running your own business.   There are many different things you could do that way. You have always known that.

One of the blessed things about your teaching is that you could see the individual and you would look right into their very soul and help them. But you don’t like all of the rest of the nonsense.  Do you stretch out and be a business opportunity?  That is entirely up to you, of course.  It would work.  Almost, anything you put your hands to would work.

You are very much wanting security every step of the way though and that is the part that frightens you.  You are somewhat afraid to step into it and go oh, maybe I never was any good at that and what am I doing now.  You happen to know this.  Even if you stepped into a bucket of mud you would make great mud pies.  That is who you are and will always be who you are.  And you make good pies too.

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