Could you talk a little bit about the balance between self-care and care of others.  What I’m witnessing in my own life is a real lack of balance in caring for myself.

The guide’s response:

Yes,  I’m going to tell you something.  You know a lot of belief systems were laid down a long time ago that you were selfish or bad if you cared for yourself.  That this was somehow a selfish or evil thing to do.  It couldn’t be further from the truth.  Caring for self is caring for God, caring for other beings, caring for all.  If you understand that you are a piece of this amazing energy, wouldn’t you care for yourself?  Of course you would.

It’s not about buying the prettiest pair of shoes or about putting on paint and things.  It’s about knowing–that you are a good being.  It’s about loving yourself, being gentle with yourself, that you’re finding ways of seeing yourself reflected back in your world and it being positive.  That’s where caring about others comes in.

Because oftentimes beings don’t care about themselves, and they feel that if they do then they’re wicked or, I don’t know, they’re going to have hair on their hands or something.  They feel that they must do things for others so that then maybe they can then care about themselves.  Maybe then.  And yes, to a certain degree you do feel good about yourself when you help another person get farther ahead.  But there comes a point when that person is still taking from you and you’re exhausted. And you’re going:  Why don’t they stop and say, “Love Myself”?  Because they do need to love themselves–and you need to love you.