A short excerpt from our April 2nd Evening with the Spirit Guides.  This was at the very beginning of the channeling when the first guide spoke.

GUIDE: Hello.

JOANNA:  I recognize this guide.  This is a guide who comes fairly often to our sessions where we ask the guides for answers to questions on our blog.  A beautiful, beautiful spirit.  Welcome.

GUIDE:  I am honoured.  I am honoured to use these vocal cords to speak to these gentle beings.

JOANNA:  Before we start, do you have….

(The guide takes a deep breath with a long exhale.)

JOANNA:  This guide just reminded me now with her breathing.  I asked her last week at a blog session if she had any advice for us about this evening, and she said—breathe, remember to breathe.  And that’s good advice for me, and probably good advice for everybody here.  So don’t forget to breathe, we can breathe together.  It helps our vibrations to unite.

GUIDE:  This unites all, to take a moment to breathe, to feel the air enter your body, the sound of it.  Feel your body has its tensions released with breath.  So many times when you dwell in the physical world you forget to breathe. And yet it is the life force.  You are all a part of the oneness.

Blessed beings all, there is a great deal of pain in this room, sadness, but beautiful hearts.  You see I see you not as bodies but as brilliant lights, each with a very different color.  Radiant, gentle beings, how might I help you?