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I had earlier asked a question about my job and was advised that i should seek employment and rejoin my job. However in the last reply in July I was advised to spend time with my kid now and sometime later think of exploring what i want to do. Why is there a different version for a similar question? Is it because these are the opinions of individual guides and thus can be different? Do they advise us from their own analysis of our problems and as per their own wisdom? Can you give any clarification to help me in moving forward?


Yes. Blessed one. You are taking steps forward, but you are finding that there are roadblocks before each of them. That is information you needed to know. The information coming back at you is not what you wanted to hear, but it is what you needed to know.

Blessed one, that that is at hand is YOUR work. I don’t mean your work as in your job or your child.  But your choices are your work. That is what heightens your very vibration. Beings of light will speak to you of that that is needed at the moment, to hopefully create within you the knowledge to make the choice. You have within you all the information that you need to make the choice.

You can make a choice that will create no growth for you and keep you in a place of “no growth,” and that’s a very frustrating state to be in. You could make a choice that gives everybody else what they want to hear but not what you want to do. That’s a choice of “no growth” as well. Yes, for others, they may grow but not you.

You fear to make the choice that will cause upheaval for all but will make you happy. But then will you be happy when everyone is angry with you? Oh, such a difficult place to be in. You know that your child will not suffer by going to a day care, but you will suffer because you feel it is against who you be. Do you see the dichotomy between your heart and your head.

You are a being who has always followed the rules and bent to everyone else’s need. But now you are awake and understand that some of those choices have brought you to a place that you are not necessarily happy with. Underneath the surface of you is a wise, vibrant being that is too afraid to ask for what she needs.

And ultimately, my dear, you are the one that needs to do the work. You can ask and ask and ask, but you are the one that must make the choice and go in the direction that you need.  You do not need to do all of it at once.  That is why you were told to take one thing at a time. Simplify it.  Instead of leaping from the frying pan into the fire, take one step—to the edge of the pan. Eventually you know you are going to have to disrupt certain things, but do it with your will on your time, which, my dear, you have plenty of.  You are not standing at the edge of destruction if you do not make the choice immediately. Or are you?

Do you feel you can no longer stand the state that you are in? Is that what is so pulling at you, blessed one?  Whose turn is it to be happy?

I am sorry these are difficult times for you—but they are yours. And do know that this is a blessed opportunity to learn, to grow, to be.  You are a teacher. But know that it is not only in the classroom that one teaches. The greatest of leaders have never thought of themselves as teachers. They have never put themselves in a position to speak to many. But it has been through their choices and their actions that they have taught.

Breathe deep, remember who you are, and love yourself. When the frustration grows strong, soothe it with the love that you have—for being. Dissolve it into actions of love. Love of self, love of purpose, love of being.

Bless you my child for you are not alone.


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  1. Curious1 August 2, 2014 at 8:19 am - Reply

    Dear Ladies & Guides

    I have seen 2 adverts for jobs that have sparked my interest, which I feel I would be able to do, as I need a fresh challenge. Please can you tell me will I be successful in either role & whether they would be a positive move?

    My concern (I always have many lol), is that once my current boss is aware I am looking for a new job, that they will make things difficult for me, and I realise that finding a new position may take time.

    In addition due to not having certain qualifications, it’s very difficult to match my pay grade. As a result will I have to take an hourly pay cut? Logistically I know things may be more difficult re: transport & childcare etc, but I am willing to make those changes to seek happiness in a job; as long as I can cover my commitments.

    Also why can’t I attract love & financial security into my life, after many years of trying?

    Lastly will I be blessed with another biological child as my clock ticks loudly? & time is running out (I previously asked but didn’t get a direct answer, which makes me think No).

    Many thanks Xx

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