Being yourself in connecting with others

Willow writes, “I seem to be interested in men who are good liars or maybe not liars but who seem to really enjoy women a little too much. Why do I attract them? I meet some decent ones but so far do not have any chemistry with them. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why my path is leading me to so many with little integrity and why do I want to believe in them? Please help me break this pattern. The one I call S.S. what is the truth behind his behaviour toward me, am I simply a game?”

A game is an interesting way of putting it.  In many ways, Willow is a game.  It is time to be that that she is.  She is not being honest with herself with her feelings.  She is often feeling lost and weak when, in fact, she is not.  She is very strong.  But she is like a little chameleon that puts on what is needed for the situation.  And then is disappointed when that being filled that situation. Oh, little one, put down your arms and open your heart for you have such a beautiful heart.  Welcome in true, real beings.  Some of these can be that as well but they filled the bill to what you were expecting, very much like you–fearful and lost.  And in many ways you mirrored exactly what you asked, confused.  There is one truth in attracting certain beings to your path, many are confused.  There is something that you need to learn about this.  About being that that you are.  Do not be fearful.

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