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LM – I have a question about a loving beautiful relationship with a man . I am attracted to a very kind man , I feel that he is attracted to me also ,wondering on any guidance. I am shy as I have been out of the dating relationship thing for four years .. single that is .. he seems shy as well . Any insights , I am so thankful .

Dearest sweet one, don’t be afraid to be that brilliant light you are.  Do you know what it is to flirt, to look into his eyes and then to look away, to grin and then to look away.  The gentle soul’s notification that you are pleased with this being, that he brings you comfort.

Flirtation between a man and a woman is wonderful.  Flirtation between a man and a man is wonderful, or a woman and a woman. Flirtation is the unspoken signals between two beings that we could have a wonderful energy together.

Don’t fear yourself, my dear.  You will know by the understanding that you receive as you become more comfortable what the next step is.  There is no written rules, just be.  Enjoy these moments together.  Speak lightly and perhaps a cup of tea, or whatever liquid you would find comfortable to share with this one. Do not put yourself in places where you are nervous and anxious.  Keep it light and happy and give yourself time.  It is a wonderful thing to experience.  It is an awakening of your being.  Be, my child.

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