K writes:

Dear guides,
I am having a difficult time right now. I feel so dark and heavy, as if life is bleak and hopeless. I am looking for some guidance on how I can overcome these feelings and get into a more positive, radiant frame of mind. I know I have a lot to be happy about, but it feels as if my life is standing still and I just cannot shed this depressed state of mind.  Thank you in advance for your guidance.

The guide responds:

The truth, dearest one, you are not asking what you need to ask.  It is as if you are feeling like you are repeating, going through the steps of life instead of taking on something new and exciting.  But a life’s path has all parts of it.   It cannot always be the high pitch of excitement.  It is true, you are in a time now questioning and wondering how it all fits together.  This too is a time of growth, so be still.  Know that the light and the radiance within you is strong and brilliant.  You have never not spoken your truth and you are starting to begin.  So very slowly trust in it.  Begin to use your voice and speak your understanding, your truth.  That is what this is all about.  Understanding your own truth.  It is not bleak dearest one.  It is understanding what is.  Bless you my child.   You are at the precipice of great growth.